Pray Your Way Into 2020!

God has done miracles in the past, HE is still in the business of Miracles, Pray and stay ahead in this 2020.

Stay Ahead in 2020

On the year 2020 dashboard, God has prepared have everything you need to stay ahead in all your endeavors. You will create, re-create, progress and go higher than you can expect or anticipate for in this year 2020.

Pray and Stay Sharp

Did you know that there are enemies against your soul and well-being, these enemies appear small but they are formidable, they include lies, deceit, procrastination, depression, fear, anger, hatred, unforgiving spirit. These are around us, go to work with us, stay at home with us, eat with us, sleep with us, infact we are almost inseparable from them, but this year God has decided to set you free from them, you can live above them, you are a victor, a special creature made by God and you are not meant to loose. You will pray your way through in this year 2020 and key into the immeasurable plans the Lord has for you this new year.

His plans towards you are good and to bring you to an expected end this new year, God has great plans for your victorious life this year for you and your family.

He would open doors of success and blessings, more Grace, more strength and more anointing for you and your loved ones.



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