The Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry Power Mush Change Hands Monthly Program, February 2020 Edition (Re-Writing Family History Part 2)

Topic: Holy Ghost, Overshadow My Dreams

Date: 1st February 2020

Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: Genesis 37:5-10


This morning, I’m sharing a very deep secret and you will do well to pay close attention.

In Genesis 37, that is where we will take our first scripture. This is secret that is seriously needed in this 2020, a secret that will connect your life to divine acceleration, a secret that those who know it don’t really share it but it is a secret that will make you rewrite your family history.

Say this loud and clear: Holy Ghost, overshadow my dreams (3ce)!

Genesis 37:5, it was from this dream he (Joseph) had that he began to rewrite his family history and nobody in Israel rewrote the history that Joseph had. Everything started from what we in deliverance called ‘the Joseph dream’. Every man must have his or her own Joseph’s dream.

May you have your Joseph dream in the name of Jesus!

(From the scripture passage) I wished Joseph had kept quiet but he kept talking, (Genesis 37:9).

When we say ‘overshadow’, we are saying almost 14 things:

1. It means to crown

2. It means to dominate

3. To exclude

4. To outweigh a particular thing

5. To rule over completely

6. To govern

7. It means to envelope

8. To have the upper hand

9. To monopolize

10. To over rule

11. To prevail over

12. To sit on top of

13. Or you’re the one running the show.

One powerful prayer you’re going to need this year is this prayer I’ve just given to you and I’ll explain to you later why it is needed.

Every enemy of your Joseph’s dream shall be scattered in the name of Jesus!

When the Holy Ghost overshadows your life, that dream you have changes from those normal dreams people have. It is a great day to stop having dreams of being attacked but you’re the one attacking them and overpowering them and having dominion over them.

Daddy shares His real life experience and story with us:

Many years back, as a student in university of Lagos. We use to have a very difficult course. It’s called ‘organic chemistry’ those days. It’s so large and it is in three large note book; filled with this subject. It was a serious matter. It’s not like the system they have now. First semester, second semester, it was not there in our own days. In our days, we had what they called Almighty formular. When there is upcoming exams, all things are examined from the end. A few days to this exam, I had my lecture bag outside somewhere and by the time I came back, they have stolen two of those books, I felt very bad. From those days, I knew how to pray. I slept and I had a dream. In that dream, I had someone appeared to me in that dream, he hid the two books that had been stolen and he gave me that number three book. on the day of that exam, I took that number three and started concentrating on that one alone, what will happen will happen. When I got to the hall, I understood the dream clearly. There was no question set from book one or two, it was all set from book three. I began to feel sorry for the person who stole that book.

The PhD Common wealth scholarship in England:

I went to England for my PhD on a common wealth scholarship for 36 months, there was no extension. Some people do PhD for 5 to 7 years but I had no option but to complete it in 36 months. My white professor was complaining, ‘Daniel you’re working too hard, go home and rest’. I saw in a dream that I was in ikeja trying to take a plane to England and in that dream, I miss the plane as they said it was full. I came back the next day told my professor lecturer, I’m not going back home for holiday. Others who went home for holiday, there was a coup as at that time and they had difficulty coming back. By the time they came back later, they were faced with all kinds of troubles.

This why there is need to have the Holy Ghost.

Raise up your right hand and say this: I shall have prophetic destiny dreams by the power in the blood of Jesus!

Dreams represents your spiritual monitor. Dreams are mobile pictures activated by our subconscious minds. In dream there are plenty of divine successes encoded in it.

In the Bible, God tells us in the book of Job.

That God: Educates, He refocuses, he directs and he guides in dreams. He warns people of what they should do and what they should not do.

What we’re saying is this that dreams are divine parables revealing the plans of God and also revealing the plans of the enemy.

So those dreams are really to make you rewrite your family.

The land of dreams is as important as the land of visible as they are means of divine revelation. Because of this, satan is very interested in polluting our dreams. That is why covenants are formed in the dream, it’s a serious matter indeed. Many of us do not understand what is happening in our lives because we do not understand what is happening in our dreams. It is a spiritual monitor that reveals what happens in the physical. Dream contain messages.

That is the conclusion of part one of what I am saying about dreams.

This is Part two of what I want to say:

Particularly, this year is a year of prolific dream, this is a year of destiny changing dreams, a year of life changing dreams.

Many this year, will receive personal revelation that will impact many lives. Many will have dreams that will have national and international influence. Many will receive supernatural direction in their dreams, many will escape dangerous situations due to the dreams they have. It is therefore very crucial to benefit from, and to utilize those dreams.

When you now incubate your life with the Holy Spirit through dreams:

- You kill the bad one through dreams.

- You fertilize the good dreams.

A careful study of the scriptures will reveal 14 kinds of dreams that people had:

1. The first dream that the Bible revealed is about the heathen king called ‘Abimelech’. God appeared to him and said that he (Abimelech) is a dead man for taking Abraham’s wife. If he didn’t had that dream, he would really have become a dead man. Already what he did had sealed the womb of all the women in the land until he had that dream.

2. Jacob was the second dream. He said ‘surely the Lord is in this place’. It was a destiny dream for Jacob.

3. The third dream is about a man called ‘Laban’. Jacob thought he was rugged and clever, but when he met Laban, he met more than his might. When Laban found out they have stolen his idol, he ran after them. They are stealing an idol, the god that can be taken. God appeared to Laban in a dream and told him to deal wisely and softly with Jacob.

4. Joesph is the next dreamer, we just red his story. A 17 year old boy sold into slavery to egypt became a prime minister in that country.

5. The next person is the chief butler of Pharaoh, he dreamt of restoration in the prison and Joseph interpreted the dream him.

6. The next person was the chief baker. He had a dream of judgement and he was killed.

7. The next dreamer was Pharoah himself who had a dream of fat cow and slim cow in Genesis 41. He had a dream of national economy.

8. Next dreamer is the midianite soldier who had a dream that their army will be defeated.

9. Next is Solomon. He dreamt of empowerment and blessings.

10. Nebuchadnezzar dreamt of global event and global history. The dream of Nebuchadnezzar is still happening in our world today.

11. Daniel dreamt of prophetic directions of the end time.

12. Joseph of the husband of Virgin Mary, the dream that he had played a redemptive role of our salvation.

13. The next group is the wise men who came to give gift to Jesus in Matthew 2. They dreamt that they should not go back to Herod. If it’s not for that dream, they could have gone back to Herod who killed infants as at that time. He could also have had the three wise man killed.

14. Pilates wife dreamt that her husband should not touch Jesus. She said to him ‘Take your hand away from this matter’. The husband didn’t listen but his end was very shameful.

Out of the record of the scripture, some of the world greatest scientists and inventors in our world today, what made them popular those things they received from the dream:

1. Google was invented from the dream someone had.

2. Sowing machine was invented from the dream of someone who woke up and started sowing.

3. The DNA was discovered by someone in 1953, called ‘James Watson’. He discovered it in the dream.

4. The man who talked about the ‘speed of light’, it was as a result of the dream he had.

5. There are songs that singers and composers had in the dream that have transformed lives.

If you want the Holy Ghost to overshadow your dream:

1. Pray ahead of your dreams. Before going to bed, pray ahead of those dreams you will have. Holy Ghost, overshadow my dreams.

2. Pray upon your dreams. When you finish having it, pray upon it.

3. Reverse negative dream using God’s word. The only thing that is settled in heaven is the word of God, no dream is settled in heaven.

4. Take note of instructions that must be obeyed from your dreams.

5. Detoxify unqualified or terrifying dream without fear. Psalm 27

6. Repent of any sin revealed to you and rebuke your dream. Repent from them completely.

7. Command your destiny story dreams to manifest. Command your Joseph’s dreams to manifest.


Right there where you are, I want you to close your eye as there are prayers to pray. Theses prayers are meant to let the Holy Ghost overshadow your dreams.

Don’t forget this, if you forget other prayers, ‘Holy Ghost, overshadow my dreams’

Tell the Lord to incubate your dreams by the fire of the Holy Ghost!

Prayer Rain:

Before Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

1. Powers handing me over to the problem of my father’s house, before I leave this place, die in the name of Jesus!

We have ten prayers to pray for five minutes, let your voice roar like fire and like thunder:

2. Powers assigned to engage me in wasting battles, die in the name of Jesus!

3. Glory of my life, hear the word of the Lord: shine in the name of Jesus!

4. Powers waiting to say to me ‘what a pity’, die in the name of Jesus!

5. Strange glory assigned to replace my shining glory, scatter in the name of Jesus!

6. Battles assigned to convert my sweat to nothing, die in the name of Jesus!

7. Powers boasting that ‘I’ll sing the song of frustration’, die in the name of Jesus!

Three more prayers and I want you to be super aggressive:

8. Powers smiling at me at day time but fighting me at night, what are you waiting for, die in the name of Jesus!

9. Any lion killing people of destiny in my family, die in the name of Jesus!

10. House that make good things to disappear, backfire in the name of Jesus!

After Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

11. Holy Ghost overshadow my dreams in the name of Jesus!

12. My dream, become prophetic battle axe in the name of Jesus!

13. Oh God arise, convert my dreams to divine visions in the name of Jesus!

14. My Joseph’s dream, appear in the name of Jesus!

15. In my dreams tonight, oh Lord appear in the name of Jesus!

16. Blood of Jesus, overshadow my dream life in the name of Jesus!

17. My dream life, hear the word of the Lord, catapult my destiny in the name of Jesus!

18. Prayers for business people: Wealth creating ideas, my dreams are available, appear in the name of Jesus!

19. Impacting creating ideas, my dreams are available, appear in the name of Jesus!

20. Creative ideas, my dreams are available, appear in the name of Jesus!

21. Dark powers discarding my destiny dreams, what are you waiting for, die in the name of Jesus!

22. Holy Ghost, overshadow my dream in the name of Jesus!

Three ceiling prayers before we go:

23. Powers shedding blood to cover my glory, you’re liar, die in the name of Jesus!

24. Powers assigned to fight me to the grave, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus!

25. Dark powers conspiring against new things in my life, die in the name of Jesus!

Announcement by Daddy G.O:

1. You’re to coming with your picture again for March PMCH as we go into part 3 prophetic declaration on it.

2. The weekend deliverance is coming up on the 21st to the 23 February 2020. You are to come fasting.

3. The first Gen 218 program for this year is a three day retreat for singles. We shall start the program on the morning of 7th February to 9th February 2020. The theme is called ‘rapid manifestation’ at the multi purpose hall in the prayer city. All singles are encouraged to attend. There will free buses available at designated units.

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